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Kilimanjaro Trek

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One of the 'Seven Summits', Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding mountain in the world. Its summit rises high above the dusty plains and huge permanent glaciers flow down from its peaks; these views are the reward for pushing your limits both physically and mentally.

This trek takes the Machame route allowing gradual acclimatisation and an excellent chance of reaching the summit. During your six days on the mountain you will pass through thick forest, moorland and scree enroute to the highest point, Uhuru Peak. This is a challenging trek at altitude, climbing one of the most impressive and well-known mountains in the world.

“This was a fantastic adventure. It pushed me to my limit both emotionally and physically, but I will look back and draw on the strengths I gained from the experience for the rest of my life!” - Jane Kerindi, Kilimanjaro Summit Climb

The highlights...

Trek to the summit of Africa's highest mountain

Trek through rainforest and high moorland to rocky scree

Spectacular views of summit glaciers and African plains

Full moon departures - increasing summit success rate

Machame route allos for acclimatisation to altitude

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