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Tough Mudder- London South

Tough Mudder- London South  image

Tackle the Block Ness Monster, Electroshock Therapy - and mud. Lots and lots of mud...

Welcome to the "World's Best Mud Run". For those who have been living under a rock for the past decade, we'd like to introduce you to Tough Mudder - a team orientated 5k, 5- or 12-mile obstacle course designed to test your physical and mental strength whilst still managing to make you smile!

Tough Mudder puts cameraderie and teamwork over finisher ranking - it's not a timed race but a team challenge where participants experience exhilerating (yet safe!) world-class obstacles they won't find anywhere else.

So if Devil's Beard, Dingleberries and Twinkle Toes obstacles sound good to you, take on this challenge and help us transform the lives of the most vulnerable children in the UK.

Want to take part in a Tough Mudder nearer to you? Email us at and we can arrange this for you.

Why join #TeamBarnardos?

  • An experinced and dedicated team to support you every step of the way.
  • Support and inspiration from celebrities, sport therapists and experts in nutrition.
  • A high performance Barnardo’s running vest.