How does my money help?

Barnardo's group of children

It's vital for you and your sponsors to know where your sponsorship money is going and exactly what kind of difference it might make. Use our quick facts for fundraising document to help learn about our vital work.

We are proud to be able to tell you that 95 pence from every £1 we spend will go directly into our work with children and young people (if our trading and property development costs - which are both self-financing - are excluded).

How the money you raise could help Barnardo's:


£50 could buy 2 bubble tube for a multi-sensory room, enabling disabled children to play


£100 could provide clothing for an abused girl, helping her to feel like an ordinary teenager


£240 could pay for a year's worth of support group sessions for 4 young people whose parents misuse drugs and alcohol


£500 covers the weekly cost of running 10 community youth groups for children living in disadvantaged areas


£1000 could help to pay for 7 overnight stay and specialist care fo a terminally ill child or young person, while giving their parents and families an important break from the demands of caring


£1500 could provide places for 30 children affected by domestic violence at a Barnardo's after school club, offering children the chance to have fun and develop friendship


£2500 could pay for 25 young carers, caring for a parent with mental ill health, to have a variety of fun activities at their young carers' group for a whole year


£5000 could buy ten kits for carpentry for a skills training project for young people who have been excluded from mainstream education

Find out more about the work we do or visit Barnardo's website.