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Young Carers' ID Card Scheme

Healthcare professionals often struggle to identify young carers or recognise the role they play in caring for a parent, grandparent or other relative. As a result young carers sometime say that they don't feel included when the person they care for visits hospital, the GP or attends a clinic. The Young Carer ID Card Scheme aims to help with this.

The card is not a traditional ID card, it is for young carers' to use when they are engaging with health services with the person they care for. Cards are free for young carers aged 18 years and under who live in Leicestershire and Leicester City.

How does the ID Card Scheme Work?

The ID Card will:

Allow young people to be recognised as a young carer by the healthcare professional who is looking after the person they care for, e.g parent, grandparent

Give permission for healthcare professionals to share information with a young carer about the health of the person they are caring for in 4 different areas. These areas are: Medication, Diagnosis, Prognosis and Discharge/Care Planning (see The Application Process and FAQ for more details)

The card also acts as an alert. If a young carer has an accident and is taken to hospital, their Young Carer ID Card will make staff aware that there is potentially a vulnerable person at home.

How to get an ID Card?

Please find details on the Application Process (PDF) here and download an Application Form (PDF) These Guidance Notes (PDF) may help if you are authorising the application on behalf of a young carer and their family.

FAQ for Families, Health and Other Professionals (PDF)


If you have already made an application, have lost your ID card, have found an ID card and want to report it or if you have tried to use your ID card and it was not recognised or taken seriously by the healthcare professional, please contact Barnardo's CareFree on 0116 286 7182 (Monday - Friday 9-5pm) or email

More Information

For more information regarding the background of the scheme, please visit the Leicestershire County Council website.