What do I do now?

Billie is a care leaver; her life has more uncertainty than most.

My advice for other care leavers

29 Oct 2013 - 6:59am

If I could give advice to other care leavers, if they’d listen I’d tell them you might think you’re always right but you’re not. Take the support that’s being given to you and just try and make your life better for yourselves.

Just because you’ve been brought up bad it doesn’t mean you have to keep on having a bad life and you can change it around yourselves with help and just to think positive in life really.


When I first left care I thought I knew it all and like when Barnardo’s used to try to help me do things I used to tell them to f**k off and I wasn’t really bothered about what they wanted.

I know now that they were trying to help me but at the time I didn’t think they were, I thought they were against me. But now because I’ve been through it all I’d like to pass my experiences onto other care leavers to say to them, it’s not that bad. Even if I just got through to one person I’d feel better.