What do I do now?

Billie is a care leaver; her life has more uncertainty than most.

How it felt to leave care

24 Oct 2013 - 11:51am

It was a lot of responsibility leaving care at 16, going from not having to do anything to buying your own things, paying your own bills and then being on job seekers on £90 a fortnight and having to buy everything out of that. It was a big responsibility.


I probably thought I was ready to leave care but thinking about it then I just thought there were loads of rules but when I left care it was quite hard because everything you have to do for yourself so I don’t think I really was ready to leave care no.

I wasn’t hopeful for the future because I was living back with my mum and drinking all the time, it was just horrible. Like you see people with normal lives and you just think, I wish that was me.