What do I do now?

Billie is a care leaver; her life has more uncertainty than most.

About Barnardo's work with care leavers

Barnardo’s fights to transform the lives of the most vulnerable children and young people in the UK. Billie is one of the care leavers we’ve been able to help and we’re very happy that we could be there for her when she needed us.

We believe that Care Leavers are some of THE most vulnerable young people in the UK today.

Some young people in foster and residential homes leave care as early as 16, that’s really young. They then get some support through leaving care services until 21 (some receive advice on education and employment until they are 25), that’s still very young.

We believe that ALL care leavers should be supported until 25 to reduce the risk of them being unemployed, spending time in prison or even becoming homeless.