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Barnardo's Blackpool and North Lancashire Project

The work of Barnardo’s focuses on the vital components that make-up a happy, healthy childhood. We think of these as 'building blocks'. Lots of children in the UK are without one or more of these blocks and making sure that their needs are met is why Barnardo’s exists.

Green block
A Family
that can cope

Blue block
Emotional, physical
and mental health

purple block
Opportunities to learn

red block
from harm

Yellow block
A sense of belonging
in the community

pink block
A stake in society

The Blackpool and North Lancashire Project is made up of the following areas:

  • Family Intervention Project (Wyre)
  • Child Safety Service

Latest news

Child Safety Service
Referrals from Health Visitors only. Please speak to your Health visitors if you feel you would benefit from this service.  

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