Where your money goes

Where your money goes

At Barnardo’s, we believe a child’s future should never be defined by their past.

No matter what they have been through, every child deserves to play, learn and live a happy life. With your support, we’ll make sure this happens.

Remember, lots of little feet can make a big difference!

By joining our Big Toddle, you can help give brighter futures to children like Megan.

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Megan's story

Megan has been caring for her mother and younger brother Thomas since the age of eight, when her mother began self-harming. She couldn’t focus on her school work or play with her friends; instead she had to bandage her mother’s wounds, do the laundry and make the family meals.

At the age of 11, social services referred Megan to the Barnardo’s Young Carers Service. She began to trust her care worker and open up; attending group sessions and getting involved in drama activities, where her confidence really grew. Megan is now a member of the Young Carers Council, helping to inform professionals about young carers’ needs.

“Barnardo’s helped me to open up, to make new friends and to believe in myself. I started to understand that I can have a life.”

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