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Stop B&B use for
children leaving care.

Protect children in
your local area.

Why we are campaigning

Children leaving care have often experienced significant disruption in their lives. The young people we work with can be vulnerable, and expecting them to move out and live independently in unsuitable, unstable accommodation affects their ability to move on forwards with their lives. Hundreds of children leaving care across England have been made to live in B&B type accommodation over the last 12 months, accommodation which is unsuitable with very little support. Too often they have been placed there for long periods of time, contrary to Government guidance, waiting over a month for a safer place to live and may even have faced repeated B&B stays over the year.

Stop this now by signing our petition and support our Beyond care campaign which asks local authorities to:

  • have the best provision of accommodation and support we can offer for care leavers,
  • reduce the usage of B&B type accommodation, and;
  • make sure care leavers have access to the support they need.

What we’ve done so far

We launched the campaign in September 2014 and thousands of  supporters have joined us already,  emailing their local councillors to ask them to help stop this damaging practice.  

To highlight the issue, and improve understanding of the types of conditions that these young people are asked to put up with we created the accommodation search site you’d never want to have to use. You can see the video of our Director’s experience of staying in one of these grim places here:

This practice must stop, so we’ve contacted all councils to ask them to improve their planning for care leavers, and also produced a guidance document for local councillors highlighting key questions for them to ask in their area to find out how their authority is supporting children leaving care, and how they can help make it better. You can read that here