Barnardo's Axis Service Falkirk

What we do

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Scotland has high levels of drug and alcohol misuse compared to the rest of the UK. Drug and alcohol misuse is found across society but people who are likely to be excluded from society and those living in deprived areas are most affected.

Services we offer

Young people may have either emerging or longer-standing problematic alcohol or substance misuse that they wish to address. Axis provides a safe, non-confrontational space, where young people can meet with a project worker and explore ways of making positive changes to their substance misuse.

Barnardos Axis Service Falkirk’s Core Service works with young people aged up to 18 who have problematic drug, alcohol or solvent misuse. Young people are assigned a project worker and the service provides assessments care plans and individualised interventions, usually on a one to one basis, in partnership with involved agencies and families. Often, young people who have problematic substance use are involved with other professionals, such as social workers. When this is the case, we work together to help the young person get back on track.

Axis also offers a service for young people where there is a concern that they are at risk of developing problematic substance misuse, called the Early Doors Service. Here, we support young people aged up to 18 with emerging substance needs. This may include one-to-one or group work interventions aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness of substance effects and risks, identifying alternatives, and signposting to other services.