Barnardo's Axis Service Falkirk

In their words

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The young people would recommend Axis to other groups, and they found the session interesting and interactive.” Principal Teacher

It’s the best support we’ve ever had” Parent

Thank you for all your and my family are getting on better now.” Young Person

Callum drank alcohol for the first time when he was 12 years old. At first, he used to drink occasionally with older friends, usually at the weekends. At aged 15, Callum started needing more and more alcohol to feel any effects from it, and after a while he was regularly drinking much larger amounts of alcohol than most of his friends. Sometimes he was sick from alcohol and sometimes he got into fights with his friends. Most days Callum’s ended up arguing with his family about his alcohol use. Callum was then referred to Barnardo’s Axis when police picked him up, very drunk, one evening in the street. Through working with a project worker one-on-one, Callum spoke about his alcohol use and how it was affecting his life. After a few sessions Callum had learned more about what high levels of alcohol do to the body and he had managed to reduce his alcohol use to safer levels. Alcohol then stopped having such a negative impact on his life.
Michelle, 16, thought that her cannabis use wasn’t a problem because she’d heard you can’t get addicted to cannabis like you can to other drugs. Having stopped going to school a year ago, Michelle had no motivation to start work or college and spent most days with her friends, watching TV and smoking cannabis. She didn’t have any money for going out or buying new clothes because she spent all her money on cannabis. She also stopped showering as often and sometimes stole money from her mum’s purse to buy more cannabis and other drugs like ‘legal highs’. Michelle’s mum phoned up Axis to see if they could help. A project worker met with Michelle several times and helped Michelle cut down on her cannabis use and stop using ‘legal highs’. Michelle then decided that she would prefer to stop smoking cannabis altogether and her project worked supported her with this aim. After stopping using cannabis, Michelle felt more energetic, positive and healthy, and felt ready to start planning to go to college.