Barnardo's Axis Service Falkirk

Frequently asked questions

1. I’m worried that my son / daughter may be using drugs. What should I do?

If your son or daughter would be willing to speak to a project worker at Axis, contact the service to make an appointment.

You may also find Talk to Frank or other websites or phone lines listed in this site helpful. Please look at our page on useful links.

2. Will I have to tell my parents or teachers that I am meeting someone at Barnardo’s Axis Service Falkirk?

The team at Axis do not need to tell parents, teachers or anyone else that you are receiving a service from us, if we are confident that you are competent to agree to the service on your own.  You can discuss this with us further before you consent to a service.

Barnardo’s Axis Service Falkirk will only tell someone what has been discussed if we think you or someone else is in danger – this is just to try to make sure everyone is kept safe.  We will always try to tell you first if we have to talk to someone else.  

3. Will you make me stop drinking alcohol or taking drugs?

At Axis, we won’t make you do anything. We’ll work together with you to support you to stop your alcohol/drug use or reduce it to a safer level.

4. How many times will I meet up with a project worker at Axis?

This depends if you are in the Early Doors Service or Core Service. Usually young people in the Early Doors Service will meet up with a project worker between 5 and 8 times, over the space of a few weeks. The young people in the Core Service will usually meet up with a project worker more frequently and for a longer time to make sure they get the support they need.

5. Where would I meet with a project worker from Axis?

This depends on what’s best for you and what decisions you come to along with your project worker after your first meeting.  We could meet with you at school, at our project base, or somewhere else.

6. How can I refer myself or a young person to the service?

It’s easy, just phone us and talk to one of the project workers at the service.

7. Is the service accessible by wheelchair?

Yes, the service is partly accessible by wheelchair.

8. When is Axis Open?

Axis is open from Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm but, if necessary, sometimes we can arrange meetings with young people outside of usual working hours.

9. Do you have a waiting list?

We currently do not have a waiting list and always try to meet with any young person referred to us as quickly as possible.

10. How can I volunteer with Axis?

A: There are lots of opportunities to volunteer with Barnardo’s. If you would like to volunteer with Axis, please get in touch with us by phone or email.