Barnardo's Axis Service Falkirk


Pic of young person

Why does Axis provide this type of service?

Scotland has high levels of drug and alcohol misuse compared to the rest of the UK. Drug and alcohol misuse is found across society but people who are likely to be excluded from society and those living in deprived areas are most affected.

Early substance use and misuse

In recent surveys in of young people in Scotland:

  • 72% of 15 years olds admitted to having been “really drunk”
  • 60% of young people reported “binge drinking” in the past week
  • 23% of young people reported having used drugs at least once (which increased to 45.8% when aged 16-19 years)
Note: Those young people using drugs had higher rates of truanting and exclusion from school, and reported having lower life expectations for themselves.

Problematic Use

In recent surveys in Scotland

  • Of people who develop problematic substance use, for 70% the problem begins before age 25
  • And for 34% the problem starts aged 16 or below
  • In comparison, for people in the Falkirk area who develop problematic substance use, 58% saw the problem start by age 16 or younger