Arch Project

In their words

stickman in wheelchair


I love [the workers] with all my heart.

I love the arch project, I want it to last forever.

You get to play and enjoy yourself.

It helped me be more positive.

The best thing was doing good stuff and learning.

They are nice and kind.

It helped me with talking and being able to express my feelings.


Stickman graduate / teacher

She feels accepted by her peers and generally better about herself.

He is much more relaxed and seems less worried.

He was bullying other children before, now he is a peer mediator at school.

Without the ARCH, she would not have considered coming back to school.

Many staff have noticed an improvement in his behaviour.

Stickman family


He seems to be much happier and more relaxed.

I tend to listen more and take on board other ways of dealing with problems and situations.

He shares more.

It gave my daughter a sense of belonging.

He doesn't shout as much.

It gave my daughter a sense of belonging.