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Frequently asked questions

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Q. What sorts of problems do you mean?

A. We can work with children who are starting to have problems at school and/or at home. If your child is getting angry often, seems to have trouble with their emotions, and/or behaviour. If you child is overly shy or withdrawn, and seems to have difficulty relating to peers.

Q. Are we eligible for help?

A. If you aren’t involved with any other services who are dealing with your child’s issues, and you live in the Ladywood Constituency, then you are eligible. Whether we work with you is then down to your child’s needs and if you or your child want a service.

Q. How do I get a group at my school?

A. Talk with your Learning Mentor, SENCO or Integration Manager at the school, and then get them to contact us.

Q. How are staff checked? Are my children going to be safe?

A. All Barnardo’s staff are fully police checked (Enhanced) and this is renewed every two years. They are also fully trained in Safeguarding Children (formerly Child Protection) and other relevant issues concerning children and young people’s safety.

Work with a child will usually start at the school, or perhaps at the family home until you and your child feel confident enough to come to our centre. The sessions may happen anywhere that the child feels comfortable and any concerns can be discussed on an individual basis.