APNA Project

In their words

The comments below are from children and parent carers:

"Apna project is working excellently for children with special needs. I have been getting a great deal of every kind of care and support in the past and I am still getting it. All Barnardo’s staff are very efficient, helpful, responsible and pleasant."

Mrs Ahmed (a carer)

"As a member of Chandni Girl’s Group for several years, I feel the group gives us the opportunity to voice our thoughts and opinions, while also providing activities which cater for the social and physical needs of both able and disabled Asian girls. This has mainly been possible due to the fact that the workers encourage all members to take an active role within the group. Thus decisions from what activity we will do next to improving the financial situation of the group is all of equal importance to the members."

Ms Sharif (a member)

"I enjoy playing with computers. I also enjoy colouring, playing in the sand and cutting."

Idrees (After School Club member)

"I don’t want to go home, why can’t you run the play-scheme all the time?"

Shamaila (attending summer play-scheme)

"I have now been receiving a service from Barnardo’s Apna for more than 3 years. Without this help I do not know how I would have managed. The Apna Service enabled me to look after my son in my own home and with the staff that understand my language."

Mrs Ahmed (parent carer)

"Barnardo’s Apna is good. I have been getting a service from them for over a year. I have other children who I have to collect from school and having Apna has helped me because it means I do not have to drag my daughter out with me who has special needs when I go to collect them."

Mrs Shafiq (a carer)

Social Work Service

"I have always found Barnardo's Apna Service able to respond to crisis situations. They have delivered a sensitive and individually tailored response worked in partnership with the Social Work Department. Apna Service continue to provide a quality culturally sensitive service to Glasgow."

Kate Scordia (Social Worker)