APNA Project


Apna Project

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Since 1992, Barnardos Apna project offers a wide range of support services to families who have special needs children and young people living in the City of Glasgow.

Our aim is to enhance the quality of life for a significant number of children and young people. We do this by improving the access the local community currently have to existing services in the city. This is instrumental in changing existing provision and creating new ones which are responsive to individual needs.Our project helps ensure that disabled children and young people have the opportunity to take part in social and leisure activities.

The current practice within the project is based on the recommendations suggested by a number of studies looking into the needs of the families. For example this may include listening carefully and asking sensible questions in relation to family life in order to provide appropriate support.

We also recognise that there are considerable diverse family structures within the community. Our practice reflects this rather than relying on simplistic accounts of family practices, values and standards. We are also aware of greater isolation and disadvantages faced by these families. We address such issues by having a better understanding of the individual family and empowering them to face the challenges as well as make sure that they get appropriate support.

Service Outcomes

  • children and young people enjoy physical and emotional health
  • children and young people have a positive family life
  • children and young people have a social and economic stake in society
  • children and young peopleare safe from harm
  • children and young people have opportunities to learn, enjoy and achieve
  • children and young people belong and contribute to their community.