Making Connections - adoption records

Making Connections is a national and international service for adults, providing access to Barnardo's personal adoption and care records.

Contact us for more information about searching adoption records or adoption support and counselling.

Search Barnardo's adoption records

Making Connections holds and manages the extensive archives for all adoption and care files relating to children formerly in Barnardo's care.

Making Connections is staffed by an experienced team of social workers, researchers and administrators, who are able to respond to initial enquiries and provide information about the service.

We recognise that adopted adults and former care adults have a right to know their history. We are also able to advise and assist them to make contact with each other, if they wish.

"It is a fantastic service that you offer in a really nice location. Although I don’t think I will be taking anything further at the moment, I really appreciated the time you took to compile the file and talk me through it. If I had known that such a supportive service was available, I may have been less apprehensive about looking into my file."

The office is open five days a week and we provide the following services:

  • access to post adoption services for adopted adults (over 18), birth parents and birth relatives.
  • accessing child care records for former care adults in the UK, Australia and Canada
  • tracing family members and important people from the past.
  • intermediary services following successful tracing, which may include letter exchange or support throughout the reunion process.
  • genealogy services for descendants of former Barnardo's children in the UK, Australia and Canada.
  • production and distribution of the The Barnardo’s Guild Messenger magazine which promotes links between former Barnardo’s children nationally and worldwide.

Contact us for more information about searching adoption records or adoption support and counselling.

Adoption support and counselling

Making Connections also provides support, advice and intermediary services to adopted adults and former care adults. In addition, we offer independent counselling and support to birth parents and relatives on behalf of several local authorities.

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