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Introducing Sweet Syrie, a stunning new rose created to honour the memory of Syrie Barnardo and commemorate our 150th anniversary. Up to 20% from the sale of each rose goes towards our vital work - read about Syrie's inspiring story and buy your Sweet Syrie rose.

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Who was Syrie Barnardo?

Syrie Barnardo

Syrie married Thomas Barnardo in 1873 and played a crucial role in the growth of our charity - her tireless work made sure that Barnardo’s cared for girls as well as boys. With Syrie’s help, Thomas was able to open the first home for girls.

After Thomas’ death in 1905, Syrie continued to support the work of the charity until she died in 1944, aged 96. The Sweet Syrie rose is a tribute to the legacy of Syrie and her passion to keep children off the streets of London.

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Barnardo's Village home in Barkingside - 1927

Created by specialist rose grower Harkness, the Sweet Syrie rose’s large blooms change colour with a blend of pink and apricot from summer to autumn - reflecting the changes we see in the lives of children we support.

The climbing rose combines a long flowering period, sweet perfume and each of the flowers has up to 25 petals in full bloom.

Up to 20% from the sale of each rose goes towards our vital work and will help us make sure that we’ll always be here for children who need us.

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