Listening, caring, supporting... for 150 years & always

In this film, you can hear how Chantelle’s support worker transformed her life, as she struggled with caring for her mum and brother.

With your help, we can always be there for young people like Chantelle. Get involved.

Building a better future, as a team

Baby and child with mother

Our expert staff offer a huge range of skills, providing tailored support for children who might otherwise have no one to turn to. It’s this individual support that makes Barnardo’s different.

We don’t let red tape get in the way of helping children, and we keep supporting them for as long as they need us.

We can only provide this care with regular support from people like you. Whatever challenges children face in the future, we hope you will help make sure we can always be here for children.

My pledge to children in 2016

Javed Khan

"2016 is here at last. This promises to be an exciting year for all of us at Barnardo’s.

This year, we mark the 150th anniversary of when Thomas Barnardo first set out to help vulnerable children and young people. I am so proud that we have staff, volunteers and supporters who are dedicated to making sure we can always  be here for children.

Today I want to make my own pledge to fundraise for Barnardo's – that's my new year's resolution. This year, I’m going to do an abseil to raise money for our work and show my dedication to our brilliant charity.”

Javed Khan, Chief Executive, Barnardo’s.